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Pure Water Fed Poled Window Cleaning

The Cleaning Company began as “Our Window Cleaner”, with the goal of offering the finest and most reliable Grantham window cleaning service available within the residential window cleaning industry.

We don’t just employ the best of the best, we are proud to ‘BE’ the best of the best!

We also don’t just send anyone to do the job like other companies, as this doesn’t provide a consistent service. With us you get the same cleaner every time.

We believe window cleaning should include the entire window; glass, frames, and sills. That’s why we take more care than the average window cleaner, getting into every corner, nook, and cranny. Areas a traditional window cleaner doesn’t touch.

We use a pure-water system, meaning not only surface dirt is removed, but the surface is cleaned of all residual dirt and chemicals too. We operate without ladders, meaning nobody will be peeking through upstairs windows, or leaning heavy ladders against your property!

When it comes to window cleaning, reliability is key to keeping a long lasting customer relationship. Your property will be cleaned on a reliable and predictable round schedule, with consistently good results. We are able to notify you before we arrive, and cleans can be rescheduled at any time.

All of our vans are clearly marked, and we are all uniformed with visible company logos. We are enhanced DBS checked, fully insured, and fully trained using our innovative equipment.

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You never have to worry about cleaning your windows again

Cleaning your windows always sounds simple and straightforward until you have to start lugging ladders about and battling heavy buckets of water.

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Our pole fed water system can get to all those hard to reach places including fascias, soffits and solar panels.

We clean windows on Shops, Offices and Homes for residential and commercial clients within a 10 mile radius of Grantham and are happy to pop round as little or as often as you’d like. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic finish at a fantastic price, get in touch with us today – Our Window Cleaner.

Say goodbye to streaks

You take the time to clean your windows properly and then an hour later it rains and they end up marked again. 

We’ve all been there, however Our Window Cleaner have the solution!

Our de-ionised water leaves a streak free sheen on surfaces which protects them from run-off – even when it’s raining! 

Keep your windows cleaner for longer.

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Why do I need windows cleaning?

Your window cleaning - how does it work?

Window Cleaning has changed significantly over recent years. Today we operate the latest purified or De-ionised water cleaning that is able to deliver deep and thorough cleaning. This system is very tough on dirt whilst being gentle on the frames.

Reach Any Window – We use telescopic poles with specialist brush attachments which can clean deep into the crevices and tight corners of your windows. The telescopic pole system can also reach up to 6 floors high which means we can usually clean any roof windows, velux or skylights you may have with ease.

You Have Better Privacy – Because the system uses telescopic poles, you won’t have one of us up at your upstairs windows anymore. So when we visit for cleaning you can carry on as you please whilst enjoying full privacy from now on.

Accessibility – For cleaning we do require that there is access around your property. This can be via a side or rear gate or even via a garage if your home is link detached for example but will always pre-text a day ahead to inform you so access can be gained.

When We Visit – If your windows are to be cleaned every 4 weeks we will visit you every 4 weeks give or take a day.  We won’t always visit on the same day of the week as our working patterns can be subject to short notice change. We are able to notify you the day before and this can be done via Text message or Email. Our visit timings will be within 0800 – 17/30 hrs.

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Don’t waste your free time cleaning – leave it to our experts.

We’re available throughout the week for one off work or can come round on a regular basis.

Give The Cleaning Company a call and let us help you tick some jobs off your ‘to do’ list.

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