Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Grantham

We provide one of the best Soffit and Fascia cleaning Grantham services.

Our Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Service

We provide residential and commercial Soffit and Fascia cleaning services in Grantham and surrounding areas and our fully trained cleaning operatives can safely clear your Soffits and Fascias of mould and general dirt.

At The Cleaning Company, we provide professionally trained and friendly cleaning operators to attend your property and deliver an incredible service. Our local Soffit and Fascia cleaner service has proven, time and time again, that we are the best Soffit and Fascia cleaners in Grantham.

We are specially trained to provide both residential and commercial Soffit and Fascia cleaning, which has allowed our brand to grow and deliver a great service to customers.

While on the job, our Soffit and Fascia cleaning Grantham operators will use water fed poles that are able to clear even the most stubborn Soffit and Fascias. They have been through industry focused testing to make sure we help our cleaners get outstanding results, at every property in and around Grantham. The poles are also extendable, which means our cleaners can reach heights of 60ft while remaining safely on the ground!

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What We Do?

 Professional Fascia and Soffit cleaning services

It’s not only important to keep your windows clean. Dirty fascias can ruin the appearance of your property too. And, of course, anything that affects its appearance will also affect its value. Constantly facing the elements, fascias and soffits are subject to wear. Being made of wood, aluminium or uPVC, they can stain easily.

The good news – we have the expertise to use the right process to clean your fascias and soffits whatever they’re made from.

The more regularly you have them cleaned, the easier it is to remove stains. We use the ‘soft washing’ technique that gets you the best results while causing the least harm.

Why does it happen?
Over time dirt, mould and mildew can build up on the exterior of your property. One of the most noticeable places for this to happen is on the fascia and soffit boards – This not only looks unsightly but can also cause damage if not kept clean.
How do we clean them?
We clean your soffits and fascias by first spraying them with our environmentally friendly cleaning solution to loosen the dirt and grime, then we scrub the dirt away with purpose made hard bristled brushes and finally thoroughly rinsing all of the dirt away with pure water and leaving to dry naturally for a lasting shine.

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Why Choose Us

Fascia boards and Soffits are architectural components. Before we begin the cleaning process, we inspect them to ensure no urgent property maintenance repairs are required. 

Cleaning your uPVC fascias and soffits takes place from ground level. This keeps your costs low, as we don’t have to hire cherry pickers or erect platforms or scaffolding. We use extendable water fed poles to carry out the cleaning process.

 Just leave the work to the professionals. We are a family owned business and make sure that you receive high-quality services every time.

Why Choose The Cleaning Company Grantham?

• Clear Fixed Prices

• Fully Insured

• Trusted

• No ladders

Also, we are a not-for-profit organisation, which means, unlike every other company offering the same services in Grantham, we don’t pocket any profit from the work we do. Instead we give these profits to The Food Bank Grantham, to help our community. 

Professional uPVC Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

We avoid using high-pressure jet washing techniques, especially where wood is concerned, as it can cause damage.

High-pressure washing might also risk damaging nearby guttering and windows. Soft washing is safe and environmentally sound too.

We are located in Grantham and also serve throughout Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.

Why is regular soffit and fascia cleaning so important?

As a homeowner, you may have a long list of things to do for maintaining your property, and we believe hiring a professional soffit and fascia cleaning company in Grantham (like ourselves) for cleaning your soffits and fascias, should be a top priority on your checklist.

We can clean guttering, fascia boards and soffit boards on any property. We also clean UPVC cladding. On a domestic property, it is absolutely necessary to maintain the UPVC to protect your investment. To replace Fascias & Soffit boards the cost is extremely high, why not have them cleaned once every year or 2 years to maintain these areas and avoid a costly replacement. The benefits of which are listed below:

  • No need for expensive scaffolding or risk of unsafe contractors falling from a ladder on your property. We clean safely from the ground, giving the client piece of mind while saving on cost.
  • No need for hydraulic lifts, we can even clean over conservatories.
  • Immediately brighten up the appearance of your home or office, it makes a tremendous difference to the property, if you are selling up, renting out or staying put, you will reap the benefits of a well maintained, immaculately clean property.
  • No need to risk your life precariously balancing on a ladder for a day.

How Much Does It Cost?

Dirty soffits and fascias can lead to all sorts of problems for your home, including mould, structural weakening and even pest infestation. Keeping an eye on your soffits and fascias and regular cleaning is the key to preventing further damage. 

But what is the average soffit and fascia cleaning cost, how long does it take to clean and what does a professional clean include? A soffit and fascia cleaning service typically involves applying a degreaser and a lot of scrubbing, times vary from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Our local soffit and fascia cleaning Grantham team member will assess the length of your soffit and fascia and base the price on this, as well as the level of dirt on your residential and commercial property soffits and fascias.  There is also no minimum charge or call out fee for using our soffit and fascia cleaning service.

Average Price Of Soffit and Fascia Clearing In Grantham:
Terrace / Bungalow
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