Window cleaning frequently asked questions

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How do I pay you if we are not at home?

After we have cleaned your windows, we will leave a payment slip showing when we’ve cleaned, how much it cost and when we aim to be with you next time, on the slip is our BACS/cheque details.

How often do you call?

The majority, about 95% of our customers prefer us to call monthly. We operate on a week by week basis but if you’d prefer, we can work on a month DATE basis. This means that if we call on you for the first time on say the 15th of January, it is very likely we will call on or near to the 15th of February etc.

The only exception is when we shut down for a week over Christmas, bank holidays and very wet days.

Is The Cleaning Company a local company?

Yes. We’re based in Grantham and only clean in and around the town and surrounding villages.


Do you clean the windowsills?

Of course! Also included in your price are the frames and white PVC door panels.


What else do you clean?

Also on the menu are Soffits and Facias, the fronts of gutters, drain or down pipes, garage doors, conservatory roofs, cladding, signage and of course we do clean the other side of the glass if you want us to!

These all require a separate quote which we will be happy to do for you.


We have a locked gate, is that a problem?

Not usually. We endeavour to clean all of your windows for you each time we call. Should you have a locked gate we can do any of the following:

  • Call or text you the day before to ask you to unlock the gate, and where possible, we can lock it again for you.

  • On your approval, use a step ladder to jump/open the gate.

  • Use the key you have cut for us.


Who do I contact if I have a problem?

We want to do the best by our customers. Our promise to you is that we will address any concerns as soon as possible, often immediately. Any concerns should be mentioned within 24 hours of each clean, and we will resolve any problem.

For example, if we have missed a window, we will come back and clean it straight away, or at your convenience.


What method do you use?

We use Water fed poles with pure water, this allows the water to dry naturally after cleaning leaving behind no streaks or smears.


Will you clean in the rain?

Yes! Using pure water in rainy conditions has no effect on the overall quality of the clean.


Do you clean all year round?

Yes! we clean all year round. However, we do not work in heavy snow, strong winds and heavy rain/thunderstorms.


If there is something specific you want cleaning, please ask us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have any other questions, or are not sure about anything, please contact us.

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