Anti-Viral Fogging

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Why Anti-Viral Fogging?

Highly effective Covid fogging machine with Eco-friendly Antiviral Disinfectant solution that kills 99.99% of viruses, including coronavirus and the new emerging variants.

A full list of all viruses this service kills can be found below:

Orthopoxvirus – Including Smallpox
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2
ParapoxvirusVaricella Zoster Virus
Epstein-Barr Virus
Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Coronavirus (E.g. SARS family including SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, MERS)
Influenza Virus
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV)
Rubella Virus
Measles Virus
Rabies VirusVirus
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)





Our professional and commercial anti-viral fogging service covers:

Education Cleaning Services

Whether your premises is a local or private school, college or university setting, our highly trained specialist hygiene technicians provide an expert and rapid response to one-off challenging hygiene issues and ongoing cleaning services.

Office Cleaning Service

We can help to support you to create and maintain a clean, organised office environment. We provide specialist office cleaning for a range of working environments from large multinational companies to smaller independent businesses.

Hospitality Cleaning Service

The Cleaning Company Grantham’s Specialist Hygiene supports a range of bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other hospitality venues with specialist solutions to protect your staff, customers, visitors and guests to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

Retail Cleaning Service

Retail stores and supermarkets can require emergency cleaning services at short notice, as well as regular specialist cleaning solutions to operate safely and provide a hygienic and clean environment for customers and employees.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services 

Our expert in-house technicians are expertly trained and are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialist cleaning equipment to provide our specialised professional cleaning solutions, even in the most challenging environments.

Our fully trained Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited technicians will cater to your cleaning requirements. With our knowledge and expertise in the industry, we have developed a wide range of innovative specialist deep cleaning and disinfection services, supporting you with infection control measures, whilst maintaining clean and hygienic premises.

How do we do it?

Our Electrostatic disinfection spraying service is a method of applying disinfectant. It works by applying an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface. It uses science to work, in essence that opposite charges attract and therefore surfaces such as desks and walls that are naturally negatively charged attracts the disinfectant solution which has become positively charged to the surface more fully.

If you are interested in our anti-viral fogging in Grantham, you should call us today on 07526 962169 and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

Why Choose Us

You should choose us, The Cleaning Company if you need a highly trained, fully qualified anti-viral fogging service. 
Our Electrostatic disinfection spraying service is a method of applying disinfectant. It works by applying an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface. It uses science to work, in essence that opposite charges attract and therefore surfaces such as desks and walls that are naturally negatively charged attracts the disinfectant solution which has become positively charged to the surface more fully.
We use medical grade disinfectant. Colourless, odourless, non-irritant that kills 99.9% of germs and leaves a residue that keeps working following treatment.


Effective Touchpoint Cleaning Services 

Touchpoints are frequently touched items within common spaces and those listed below have a high potential to transmit infection from one person to another. As part of the disinfection service these types of surfaces are wiped thoroughly with disinfectant.

Desktops and all work surfaces
Doorknobs and door handles
Light switches and dimmer switches
Computer monitors, keyboards, mice
Tablets and laptops
Telephone equipment
All chair rests and arms
Canteen tables and chairs, crockery, trays and cutlery
Sinks, taps and kitchen areas
Toilets, including all surfaces
Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines
Lifts and their doors and buttons.

Telephones, mouse’s, handrails and light switches can harbour more germs that toilets. These will be thoroughly  wiped.
It’s also useful in that these handheld devices are able to reach hard to access areas such as corners and under desks and around toilets/sinks.
 High risk surfaces such as key pads, desks and chairs will be sprayed with an electrostatic sprayer. This is the latest technology that ensures thorough and effective application of chemical.

ULV Fogging, effective COVID-19 Disinfection Fogging

Our Disinfection Fogging Service uses ULV/Fogging machines which allows disinfectant to be passed through the unit, which generates an airborne mist of micro-droplets. These droplets diffuse through the treated area and settle out onto surfaces, meaning that the material used will be active both as a space spray and a surface spray.
The key to successful use of ULV is the production of an optimum size of spray droplet. It must be small enough to remain airborne without being too small to hit surfaces – research has shown the optimum droplet size to be around 15 microns. These droplets are small enough to be carried on air currents into small cracks and crevices that are hard to reach using conventional cleaning and spraying, yet still heavy enough to settle out within an hour, so that treated areas can be re-entered with the minimum of delay.
Rooms will be filled with ultra fine particles of disinfectant to kill airborne germs or virus and land on all surfaces sterilising areas that may otherwise be missed.

Our fully-trained and qualified expert team will provide a service which includes:

up-front virtual surveys of your premises using photos and videos to ascertain which surfaces require cleaning and sanitising, site surveys are available if deemed necessary and are charged separately.

Full RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) with task methodology will be agreed prior to commencement of cleaning, ensuring that you are fully satisfied that all measures such as social distancing are adhered to.

Our team are fully-qualified, trained and experienced, enabling them to systematically work through your premises in full accordance with agreed RAMS, cleaning all hard surfaces.

Our thorough cleaning and treatment process uses a combination of vaporised directional spraying and micro-fibre wiping, using a disinfecting sanitiser which contains active biocides that actively eliminate an extensive list of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds.

The service is effective against all Coronaviruses (including COVID-19, SARS and MERS), Type A Influenzas, as well as viruses classified in the ‘hardest-to-kill’ category such as Poliovirus, Norovirus and Feline Calicivirus.

Clearance certificates will be dated, signed and attached to the entry points of all rooms after cleaning and disinfection has taken place.

Our expert team will wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) and use specialist disinfection equipment during the cleaning process, with all PPE being compliantly disposed of after the cleaning has been completed.

Certificates of deep cleaning and reporting provided.

Deep cleaning and sanitising can be set-up up as a scheduled service, providing ongoing peace of mind.

We go the extra mile

We Provide Documentation and Assurance

Once we have completed our disinfection and fogging service, we provide all of our clients with an accredited and fully certified ‘Disinfection Certificate’ to assure the public and employees that the space has undergone deep sanitation and has been made as germ-free as can be.


We Treat ALL Properties

We understand that no business, vehicle or property is COVID-resistant. That’s why our disinfecting and fogging services are available across all property types – domestic and commercial.


Some of our clients include schools, universities, social care spaces, construction sites, public transport, surgeries and more!

Anti-viral fogging is a superior method of deep cleaning essential for schools, hospitals, medical facilities and businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is a critical safeguard, whether opening closed doors for the first time or eliminating infection risks following a positive alert.

Professional cleaning crews have employed fogging techniques for many years. Still, this option has become increasingly popular as a viable way to eradicate contaminants and particles more profoundly than any manual cleaning intervention.


How Much Does Anti-Viral Fogging Cost?

Every premises or building will be different – which is why fogging is such an adaptive cleaning regime! That means it is difficult to give a ballpark figure as to how much a professional anti-viral clean should cost.

As an indication:
Fogging services can range from the low £100s to thousands – it very much depends on the scope of the project. 

As a guide, our pricing starts at £0.50 per sqm for In-hours and £0.70 per sqm Out-of-hours.

Pricing factors include the number of rooms, size of each room, number of stairwells, passageways and entrances that the deep cleaning crew must clean.
The benefit of using fogging over any other cleaning method is that it effectively coats every surface, corner and grating with safe anti-viral disinfectants.

Properties are clear to return to within just an hour or two and will be virus-free if all the surfaces are cleaned. For workplaces or medical centres where a Coronavirus infection has broken out, this is one of the most superior ways to ensure your premises are restored to safe operation.

Anti-viral fogging isn’t only suitable for a COVID-19 containment exercise but will remove any dangerous viral particles of any description from your building.

Is Anti-Viral Fogging More Efficient Than Traditional Cleaning Techniques?

Many businesses or premises managers opt for anti-viral fogging for a multitude of reasons. 

Benefits include:

  1. Cost savings on business closure times with a quick turnaround anti-contamination service.
  2. The ability for staff or visitors to safely return within just a couple of hours.
    Efficient cleaning even in hard to reach spaces, ensuring that workforces can have confidence that the building is entirely virus-free.
  3. The lack of a need for additional cleaning or partial business shutdowns to facilitate a complete deep clean – usually carried out one room at a time if using a manual cleaning technique.
  4. Safety, with anti-viral chemicals being suitable for use in any premises, posing zero risks to health when the property is declared safe to resume service.
  5. The costs of decontaminating a property after a viral infection goes far beyond the cleaning routine itself. Manual deep cleans can take several days or even weeks for large organisations, during which time no staff or visitors are permitted to access the site.
  6. Harsh chemicals may require multiple days to disperse, with the risk of airborne irritants should any workforce enter the building before an appropriate time has passed.
  7. Businesses may be required to remain closed for any number of days once a visitor or staff member has been positively diagnosed as a virus carrier. After months of lockdowns and trading closures, this additional inconvenience can be crippling to companies just getting back on their feet.
    Thus, anti-viral fogging provides a same-day solution, with almost immediate site safety and a comprehensive way to remove every infectious virus in the quickest possible time, reducing the costs to your business.



Will my space be safe following the disinfection service?

To keep yourself and your staff safe, we require that the premise is empty when we sanitise it. Where machinery is in place, we are well-informed on the control of substances hazardous to health regulations, which requires that any risks or harms are identified and assessed, with procedures put in place to combat these.

Broadly speaking, all of our cleaning and fogging services are compliant with approved safety procedures and regulations. At the end of the service, we provide you with documentation to reassure your staff and customers that the premises have been freed from any potential contamination. However, hygiene maintenance will be required to keep the property safe, and this is something we can include in your package for a very competitive price!

Do you use PPE?

Absolutely. All of our team are specialists in thorough disinfection and sanitation and due to the chemicals and risks involved, all professionals will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves, and you.

Can you disinfect a whole property?

Definitely. Whether you need a single room, a large space or an entire property disinfected, from top to bottom, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Call us today for a free no obligation quote!

What is the difference between sterilising and disinfecting?

Put simply, the main difference between sterilising and disinfecting is that disinfection involves reducing or eradicating harmful microorganisms, meanwhile sterilising kills all microorganisms and can destroy the spores on surfaces. Sterilisation is far more extreme and is only required in certain settings, but impractical in others.

Will fogging damage electrical equipment?

Absolutely not. The fog used is specially designed to be fine enough to make it safe for use around electrical equipment, such as computers and printers, but still effective enough to kill the virus on all surfaces reached. This makes our fogging and disinfecting surfaces suitable for offices too! However, our friendly team of experts are happy to discuss any specific concerns with you – just give us a call.

How long will it take?

How long it will take depends entirely on the size of your property. Naturally, the service itself will take longer if your premise is larger and more space must be decontaminated.

Workplace Decontamination Service

All-In-One Contaminated Cleaning Service

Heights over 3 metres - Price subject to survey

Schools, Office, Surgery & Factory Disinfection

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